Caterpillar conkers craft perfect for Autumn

We’ve got a fantastic Autumnal conkers craft for you from Kerri-Ann who blogs at Life as Our Little Family, she’s sharing with us how to make a caterpillar out of conkers, such a fun little seasonal activity to put to use all those conkers our kids collect!

Hello Autumn. My second favourite season, it really is such a beautiful time of year and perfect for all those days out kicking up leaves and collecting conkers. I’m sure by now that you have been desperately searching Pinterest for some ideas and ways to transform those piles of conkers into something a little more pretty. I have the perfect crafty project for you and your little ones to enjoy together.

Caterpillar conkers craft

conkers craft, caterpillar


Let me introduce you to Ralph. Ralph is our first caterpillar conker of 2016, he made an appearance a few days ago when Autumn arrived and is in need of a few friends. And so I thought I would share him with you in the hope that we could make a few friends together. What do you think? If like us you prefer love and not war then it is time to turn those piles of conkers into crafty heaven rather than have them soaking in vinegar or baking in the oven.


Every craft project requires a few bits to pull it together, here is a little list of what we used to make our conkers come to life…


Conkers (all shapes and sizes)


Black & white paint (for the eyes and mouth)

Crayons or paint (if you want to colour in the string to give them character)

Pins (to help feed the string through)

Scissors or screwdriver to make the hole in each conker


1) My top tip for making your caterpillar conker would be to use freshly picked conkers as they are a little softer and much easier to pierce.


2) Next on the list would be to choose your conkers wisely, we tend to pick out between 10 and 15 as well as a good mixture of sizes.


3) You’ll then need to tie a knot at the end of your string to prevent the smallest conker from falling off.


4) Start by choosing a large conker for the head, pierce and paint on the eyes to enable it to dry, then repeat with the remaining conkers working backwards, starting with the tail.


5) Pierce each conker and thread through the string using a pin if you struggle


You could personalise your caterpillar conkers by painting the string different colours. We have painted ours orange before, I think we’ll try blue this time. If you are feeling adventurous then why not make a little family of caterpillar conkers or even a group of friends. I would love to see your creations, so do pop them in the comments below.

caterpillar conkers craft

Top tip

Keeping conkers in the house also keeps those pesky spiders away. A little parenting win.


For more seasonal craft and fun food ideas, check out our Autumn Pinterest board


What do you think of Ralph?

Will you be giving this craft a try with your Little, Fierce Kids?

Kerri-Ann is a family and lifestyle blogger, at Life as Our Little Family and mum of one gorgeous boy, Lil G. Find her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, go over and say hi!

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  1. Sara says:

    It is really helpful for the kids to learn some handcraft while creating some fine artwork.You have illustrated properly on how to create caterpillar conkers.

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