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Flamingo necklace


A perfectly pink Flamingo Necklace

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Flamingo Necklace

Perfectly pink flamingo necklace!

The acrylic flamingo pendant measures 4.cms high and 2.5cms at the widest point and is 3mm thick. The unique illustration by HoobyNoo is printed directly onto the white plastic meaning it won’t scratch or wear off. The necklace is a 50cm pink ball chain.

Each necklace comes presented on a branded Hoobynoo World postcard with the characters unique profile on the back. Perfect for gifting!


Florence the Flamingo

Age 7

Likes – Butterflies and tiny fish

Dislikes – The colour pink

Florence is a rather unusual flamingo. mainly because she doesn’t like wading. Florence will do practically anything to avoid being partly submerged in water, and has even built a small raft so that she can float down the rivers to catch the fish in passing.




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