Super easy card garland craft

I’m excited to share with you a fun and easy craft by our most recent guest blogger, Esther from Inside Out and About. It’s an simple craft that can be adapted in so many ways, I hope you enjoy it and give it a try.

This is such an easy, simple craft and the possibilities are endless. Your card cut outs are simply sewn together to create a sweet garland. I think a row of Storm Trooper heads, unicorns, woodland animals, Christmas trees, autumn leaves or simple circles would all look fabulous. It requires a sewing machine, and is perfect if you have a young child wanting to have a go with one. I have kept it bright and cutesy with a string of elephants, just to make it easy to follow.

Easy to make card garland craft

super easy card garland craft

What you need

A small amount of cardboard to create a template 

Medium weight card in various colours 



Sewing machine 



super easy card garland craft

1. The first step is to decide what shape you would like to create, and then get drawing to make a cardboard template.

2. When you have your template – trace around it onto the medium weight card. If your design is symmetrical, this is straightforward, but if it is not, ensure you trace carefully, so that all of the cut outs face the same way.

3. The amount of cut outs you decide to do will depend on your design. I decided to go for 12, but if your design is much smaller, you will need more.

4. Once you have all your cut outs, draw a very faint line using a ruler to guide your stitching (I went for half way). Then lay them out in order, to prevent mixing them up.

super easy card garland craft

5. Select your thread colour, and set up your sewing machine.

6. To begin your garland pull a length of thread from your sewing machine about 30cm. This is just so you have some spare when you have finished. Now you are ready to sew your first cut out.

7. Take your first cut out and sew along the faint line you have drawn.

8. Between each cut out pull a thread length of 10cm before you start sewing your next. You may want to have a couple of practice runs to get a flow.

9. Continue until you have sewn through all of your cut outs, making sure you leave another 30cm of thread at the end.

10.Tie a slip knot at each end to create a loop, and there you have it!

Tip:​ Upon completion, twisting the thread between each cut out makes it hang, and look much better.

super easy card garland craft

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What a lovely, simple craft activity!

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Esther is from Inside Out and About, a life and family blog where you will find thoughtful parenting, craft projects, interior styling, time spent outdoors and exploring new places. She lives in Yorkshire, and is a stay at home mum to three boys. You can find her blog here, and social media here – twitter, facebook, instagram.

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